About REEP

MISSION: The Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP) provides for the education and employment related needs of limited English proficient adults who live and work in Arlington.

VISION: Our learners will be able to access and use information from a variety of sources, voice their ideas and concerns, act independently and continue learning in an ever-changing world.

Since 1975, REEP has helped more than 90,000 adult English language learners from more than 110 countries. Our students come to us with the general goal of improving English in order to adjust to American society, but our services impact their lives as learners, workers, family members, and community members.

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REEP Students

Our students are remarkable people. Many have overcome tremendous hardships to get here. They view coming to the United States and learning English as a way of improving their lives. Most of our students work at least one full-time job or several part-time jobs, have families, and still find the time and motivation to study English. Despite these obstacles, the majority of our students complete their 12-week term.


“It’s an amazing program [where] you can learn English with professional teachers… I am more comfortable to speak with people in my social life even, with American people.”~ Raluca R, REEP student



REEP_About-student“Taking English classes is not only for me. I want to teach my daughter that if you put your effort in what you’re doing, everything is possible.” ~ Hael E, REEP student


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REEP Teachers

More than 45 ESL professionals work at REEP as instructors, coordinators, and project specialists. Many have Masters degrees and extensive experience in their field of Adult ESL. Many are frequent conference presenters and are consultants in the field. In addition to our professional staff, 120 volunteers assist teachers and teach community-based ESL classes.


REEP English classes for adults“We are empowering adults in such fundamental ways that enable them to do their jobs better, work with their children who might be learning English in school, and to feel more connected to the community.” ~ Ruth Sysak, REEP teacher


male teacher at REEP “I really enjoy teaching at REEP. The staff is well supported and the students are very eager to learn. It is a great experience.” ~ Matt Kennedy, REEP Teacher

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