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students having conversation practice in classIntensive English Classes for Adults: English classes include conversation, listening, reading, and writing, with contextualized learning in US culture, community, work, health, technology, consumerism, government, and more. Classes are taught by experienced, professionally trained teachers.


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Free English Classes for Beginners and Intermediate Levels: REEP partners with the Arlington County Department of Human Services to offer free, morning and evening English classes. These classes are taught by volunteers.



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REEP_classes_thumbnail_IETComputer and Childcare Training: REEP students at the intermediate and advanced levels may choose to work toward a workplace certification or credential, with options to earn child care provider professional development credits or Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.


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volunteerConversation Class: The REEP Conversation Class is taught by experienced ESL professionals. The class covers a range of topics based on student needs and interests. Students improve their fluency, accuracy and confidence in spoken English.



REEP_classes_thumbnail_WORKPLACEWorkplace English: Partner with REEP to provide for the educational needs of your company’s team, including language, workplace culture, computer skills, and more, and customized for your workplace.